Game of Thrones Awesomeness

Right now, Game of Thrones is something I’m seriously geeking out about (well besides typefaces and my new obsession – roller skate wheels). I do realise I’m a little late to this party, but I am making up for it by devouring my way through the books. I’m currently unable to put down book three, and I am beyond excited for season three of the TV show to start. If you haven’t read it, I implore you to start, it’s a fascinating story and utterly addictive. I love how a great story and superb characters capture people’s imaginations to create awesomeness, like so…


Direwolf hoodie from Fencing and Archery


Khaleesi sweater from Fencing and Archery

Game of Thrones

Stark Hoodie from Fencing and Archery

Game of Thrones

You Know Nothing Jon Snow from Nan Lawson


Amazing Ned Stark Cake Pops by Not Your Momma’s Cookie


Wildfire by Red Queen Miscellenea

GoT6Cufflinks by Geekcycled


Not Today pendant by Chris Closet Creations


Direwolf print by Sophie Blackhall Cain

Got9 Direwolf vest by Neenacreates

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

More London antics – this time the Harry Potter Platform 9 and 3/4 shop that opened in December 2012. I was ridiculously excited about this. I’m not usually the kind of girl that lines up to be photographed in front of a bunch of tourists but I was over there like a shot. I think I may even have ran. What scarf did I want? Gryffindor obviously.The two guys dressed up like station guard taking photos and keeping over excited tourists under control were lovely and absolutely hilarious.

Harry Potter Platform Nine and Three Quarters Shop Kings Cross Station

Me pretending I’m a Weasley and my awesome boyfriend, Breame, politely trying to pretend he’s as thrilled as me.

harrypotter2 harrypotter3 harrypotter4

These are replicas of character wands from the films, and they have the characters names on them (Squeeeee!)

This is where I kidded on I was in Ollivanders…harrypotter6 harrypotter7 harrypotter8

If you’re in Kings Cross, pay a visit, get a photo and make ‘sqeeee’ noises in the  shop (everyone in this shop is making ‘sqeeee’ noises, trust me).

**Tenous Claim to Fame**
On page 15 in the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is an item mentioned called Fleetwood’s High Finish Handle Polish. Around the time the first three books were written (mid to late nineties) my mum was good friends with Joanne Rowling’s sister Di (they were studying Law together) and they all used to hang out together, so there’s a chance it could be inspired by our surname. Wouldn’t that be bloody marvellous?!

The month in Instagram – January 2013

Ooooof! January was a long month… In fact this winter seems to be dragging on a bit. Totally looking forward to brighter skies and less of this wintery gloom. Here’s what I got up to in January…
Mandy Fleetwood January 2013  Instagram

1. Lettered Legs – the only thing I bought in the January sales, typography tights. Love em.

2. I made a print, there’s a post on it here.

3. More Boggle, I think I do have a slight Boggle dependency. Sad but true.

4. After a year and a half, I left the Lane Agency. Off to do freelance for a bit then pastures new, exciting times 🙂

5. Breame bought me a pair of shearling DM Triumphs, which I love as they are a wee bit Lara Croft.

6 & 7 Derby love continued with a trip to the Auld Reekie Roller Girls first bout of the Home Season. What? You’ve never been to Roller Derby? You can rectify that by booking yourself some tickets here or heading along to Meadowbank at 2pm on 16 Feb and paying a fiver on the door.

8. Popped along to 52 Canoes Tiki Den, which was rather nice, I wrote a review on it here.

9. Late to the party, but totally getting into Game of Thrones, very moreish.

Mandy Fleetwood January 2013  Instagram

10. Headed down to London town for the Private View of LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun which was fun, nice to see my work on display.

11. Hung out in the V&A, love that place, next time I’m in London I’m going there for a full day – as soon as it opens right up until is closes.

12. Fell in love with the British Library, and not just for its typographic masterpiece of a gate – excellent place, with suffragette scrapbooks, death warrrants signed by Elizabeth I and a page from the first ever printed book in England. They even had a murder mystery exhibition on, bloody loved it.

13. Pretended to be a Weasely on Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross. Loved this a ridiculous amount.

14. Got into Auld Reekie Roller Girls Fresh Meat programme! Excited is an understatement. I start the four month skate programme on 17 Feb and I cannot wait.

15. Treated myself to a Graphical House Poster – love the letterpress comp slip.

16. Drank a bit much Jeremiah Weed and discovered Patron XO Tequila Coffee Liquer – deeeeelish.

17. Made friends with/tormented squirrels at the Botanics – one of my favourite past times.

18. Hung out with the lovely Stripe, who loves a tummy rub and sitting on my head.

Here’s the rest of my life in Instagram, feel free to add me.

Oh Roller Derby!

ARRG vs Dundee Roller GirlsAnother of my latest obsessions, is roller derby. If you live in/around Edinburgh, I highly recommend you get yourself along to the next bout which is on 19 January at Meadowbank. A great fun, fast paced full contact sport, I love how it’s described on their website –  ´It´s a hug disguised as a rib-splintering thump’

I first heard about Roller Derby a few years back, when I noticed, via facebook, that a couple of my old flatmates were skating, Kat [Pixel Junkie] used to skate with ARRG [Auld Reekie Roller Girls] and Jen [Hitty Longstockings] skates with SWAT [South West Angels of Terror]. Then, back in July whilst off work with a dislocated knee, I watched Whip It. Maybe it was the fact that I could barely walk and was navigating the house using a desk chair as a kind of zimmer, but I totally got the urge that I wanted to skate. As a kid I was constantly on skates [ice skates and quads, never blades]; I remember when I was five piecing together all my jigsaws and hard back books as a makeshift skate rink over the living room carpet so I could skate indoors (I think I might have been grounded…). So I googled Edinburgh Roller Derby, found ARRG and bought tickets for the next bout.

It’s a fabulous Saturday afternoon out with a great crowd, really friendly and also totally suitable for kids. In fact I think seeing a group of highly skilled, dedicated, fit and strong skaters competing in a badass, yet friendly way is a fantastic role model for kids. This is a great post on the rules and an introduction to roller derby.

So, I’ve signed up to be on the fresh meat waiting list for the February intake. My physio had a wobble when I said I wanted to sign up for roller derby, having physio-ed me through said dislocated kneecap. However, I have been building up my quads, to hold my pesky kneecap in the right place, and even conquered my gym phobia/aversion. Getting into a size 8 has never made me want to go to the gym; being strong and fit enough to be able to skate with a group of awesome skaters totally does.

Like I said, next bout is 19 January at Meadowbank, get yourself some here

Check out their website here
And like ’em on facebook here

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Home Season Banner

Also loving the design for their Home Season collateral – click for ARRG facebook