Game of Thrones Awesomeness

Right now, Game of Thrones is something I’m seriously geeking out about (well besides typefaces and my new obsession – roller skate wheels). I do realise I’m a little late to this party, but I am making up for it by devouring my way through the books. I’m currently unable to put down book three, and I am beyond excited for season three of the TV show to start. If you haven’t read it, I implore you to start, it’s a fascinating story and utterly addictive. I love how a great story and superb characters capture people’s imaginations to create awesomeness, like so…


Direwolf hoodie from Fencing and Archery


Khaleesi sweater from Fencing and Archery

Game of Thrones

Stark Hoodie from Fencing and Archery

Game of Thrones

You Know Nothing Jon Snow from Nan Lawson


Amazing Ned Stark Cake Pops by Not Your Momma’s Cookie


Wildfire by Red Queen Miscellenea

GoT6Cufflinks by Geekcycled


Not Today pendant by Chris Closet Creations


Direwolf print by Sophie Blackhall Cain

Got9 Direwolf vest by Neenacreates

Typelove 02: Ten Dollar Fonts

One of my favourite finds of the past few years is The Lost Type Coop. Beautifully crafted typefaces with an innovative pay what you like model. These guys – Ten Dollar Fonts – are doing a similar thing, but with all fonts priced at $10. This is a great place to look if you’re after a punchy display typeface, the range is wonderful; modern to retro, to abstract to classic – and ten bucks is ridiculously reasonable. Right now I’m liking the pictogram feel of these beauties. The A in Simon Sans reminds me of the sign outside St Pancras.

Ten Dollar Fonts


All available from Ten Dollar Fonts. They just released a discount code too – enter 20SHARES at the checkout to receive a whopping 50% off (limit 2 fonts per customer).

Type Love 01: Trend

Trend - Myfonts

Trend - My fonts

Just bought this beauty from my fonts. Yes, I look at fonts for fun, and would much rather buy a font than a dress. Hands down.

Trend is, despite the above declaration, hipster as hell. It’s like the lovechild of Gotham and Neutraface, two of my absolute favourites and comes in a huge selection of weights – sans, shaded, inline, shadow and a lovely contrasting slab. I’m also delighted to see that there is a huge selection of quirky ornaments. Plus, look at the ‘R’, cheeky or what?

All in all 20 weights plus ornaments and webfont for £17.50 is amazing. Buy it here, it’s on sale (a whopping $140 off) until February 18th. Both images from myfonts.

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun


Everybody loves a LOLcat right? I’m delighted to be part of LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun a fabulous exhibition celebrating the world of internet LOLcats. I’ll be jointly exhibiting with Glasgow based writer Kirsty Logan, whose poem Sestina to my Lolling Cat I have typeset and illustrated.

The illustration features my gorgeous little cat Mia, who sadly passed away in July. Mia loved lolling about my desk, walking on my keyboard and encouraging my procrastinative tendencies with lots of hugs, posing for instagram shots and insisting I hang out in the garden with her. Here’s a sneak preview, see if you can spot mine…

LOLcat:Teh Exhibishun

Image pinched from LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun blog

The exhibition, curated by Jenny Theolin of Soapbox and Sons, opens on Tuesday 23 January 2013. The prints will be available to buy framed and unframed; a fantastic 50% of the proceeds will be going to Battersea Cat and Dog Home, so it’s LOLcats helping actual cats (and dogs), which makes me happy as I am a crazy cat lady after all.

The exhibition has picked up some pretty awesome press coverage appearing in Huffington PostThe IndependentCreative ReviewWired, Computer ArtsWe Heart, The Fluffington Post, Design TaxiDigital Arts, Its Rude to StareDesign You Trust and Design Week

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun (how cool is this site?!) opens on 23 January and runs until 15 February 2013 at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT  

Needless to say, I have a suitably cat themed outfit for the private view. Miaow…