The month in Instagram – December 2012

Over the past year, I have become a complete Instagram addict. I love how you can document your life, in a pretty ‘select a filter’ fashion and also have a nosey at what other people are up to. I was pretty snap happy in December, here’s what it looked like…


1. I did get rather over excited about the sprinkling of snow we got and my love affair with my DM Triumphs and leopard print coat continued…

2. Myself and Rachel had a Big Scream on the Big Wheel in Princes St.

3. Tried my hand at DIY foil blocking, I’ll post a how to later.

4. My living room windows were adorned with easy peasy and super cheap to make paper doily snowflakes.

5. Antler tree decorations – the beginnings of stock for the stall myself and Rachel held at the lovely Roamin’ Nose.

6. Made a wee leather book, using this tutorial here was a bit tricky to make, but uber satisfying, v. pleased with result.

7&8. The December Craft-a-rama continued with Typetastic Gift Tags which went on sale.

9. Lovely Rachel made me a Letraset tree decoration – all designers should have Letraset on their Christmas trees right?


10. Our favourite neighbour ever, paid us a fair few visits and laid claim to our rocking chair.

11. Discovered the amazing Marshmallow Lady, and her superb Reverse Rocky Road home made marshmallows. Little pieces of heaven I tell you.

12. Drank a fair bit of mulled stuff at the German Market in Princes Street with a rather handsome chap.

13. Went holly robbing in the local graveyard, for a graveyard it’s rather festive.

14 & 15 Made a garland and wreath with aforementioned pilfered foliage and destroyed my hands. “This wasn’t what it was like when Kirsty (Allsopp) made wreaths” I thought, washing bird poo off the umpteenth piece of holly.

16. Discovered this gem of a magazine – Things and Ink, gorgeous type and layouts throughout and some great thought provoking content on tattoo culture. A fabulous read.

17. I got roller skates for Christmas – I haven’t had skates for Christmas since I was 13! Immediately skated up and down hall in an awkward Bambi fashion to celebrate. Also signed up for the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Fresh Meat waiting list (eek!).

18. Rediscovered Boggle – completely more-ish and has the power to make you feel rather clever (bit like wine, really) I implore you to buy one.

So that was my December; in three words crafty, creative and indulgent. Here’s the rest of my life in Instagram, feel free to add me.

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I have a print for sale, did I say? No? Well here it is and you can buy one here. It’s a lyric from Joni Mitchell’s song Blue, that just begged to be depicted in a typographical tattoo style. Plus I love an excuse to play around with type and customise letters…

Ink Print by Mandy Fleetwood

I’ve been obsessing about tattoos ever since attending the Scottish Tattoo Convention in April 2012. Actually it’s also probably due to following lots of cool tattooed folks on instagram teamed with my other growing obsession; roller derby (more on that later) which has a fair few fabulously inked ladies, who look incredible. Also I have a couple of tattoo shockers about my person from when I was an impressionable 18 year old which I always hide. I have been planning a cover up for both of these for quite a while now and I really need to bite the bullet and just go for it. In a way, it’s quite liberating having two horrible tattoos, as it’s carte blanche to go for something big and bold (cover ups generally have to be at least three or four times the size of the old tattoo, I’m told) which I would maybe be nervous about. And lets face it, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it and have something that’s visible at five feet.

So if anyone has any good tattoo inspiration sites, cover up stories/advice or a can recommend an awesome tattooist in the Edinburgh area, drop me an email or leave a comment – thanks! x

Another year, another resolution…

Mandy Fleetwood in box of protective packaging materials

Here’s to getting out of the protective packaging and tackling things that scare me in 2013.

For as long as I can remember, my resolutions have always been to stop biting my nails and go swimming (regularly). I keep neither. I’m not really a believer in New Year resolutions, which is probably down to my inability to stick to them. I am, however, very much a believer in trying to improve yourself and in doing/attempting new things. There’s that saying that ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’, so off the back of that affirmation, attributed to Henry Ford that I probably saw on Pinterest, I have decided to embrace Doing Scary Things.

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