Free Love!

Well, free love themed printables… Actually, I don’t think these should just be for Valentines Day, I think you should be smushy with your loved one everyday, as much as possible, all year round. So, I say buy gifts, drink fizz, get matching tattoos etc whatever the time of year.

Valentines Printables

Valentines Card and Coupons from Love VS Design Valentines from A Pair of Pears and Foxy Valentine from PS Blog


I Freaking Love You by Hilary Bird (ok, it’s not free, but it’s still lush) Pencil Holder Cards from Sweet Muffin Suite


Arrow print from My Fabuless Life and Hydrangea Botanical Print from The Graphic Fairy


The month in Instagram – December 2012

Over the past year, I have become a complete Instagram addict. I love how you can document your life, in a pretty ‘select a filter’ fashion and also have a nosey at what other people are up to. I was pretty snap happy in December, here’s what it looked like…


1. I did get rather over excited about the sprinkling of snow we got and my love affair with my DM Triumphs and leopard print coat continued…

2. Myself and Rachel had a Big Scream on the Big Wheel in Princes St.

3. Tried my hand at DIY foil blocking, I’ll post a how to later.

4. My living room windows were adorned with easy peasy and super cheap to make paper doily snowflakes.

5. Antler tree decorations – the beginnings of stock for the stall myself and Rachel held at the lovely Roamin’ Nose.

6. Made a wee leather book, using this tutorial here was a bit tricky to make, but uber satisfying, v. pleased with result.

7&8. The December Craft-a-rama continued with Typetastic Gift Tags which went on sale.

9. Lovely Rachel made me a Letraset tree decoration – all designers should have Letraset on their Christmas trees right?


10. Our favourite neighbour ever, paid us a fair few visits and laid claim to our rocking chair.

11. Discovered the amazing Marshmallow Lady, and her superb Reverse Rocky Road home made marshmallows. Little pieces of heaven I tell you.

12. Drank a fair bit of mulled stuff at the German Market in Princes Street with a rather handsome chap.

13. Went holly robbing in the local graveyard, for a graveyard it’s rather festive.

14 & 15 Made a garland and wreath with aforementioned pilfered foliage and destroyed my hands. “This wasn’t what it was like when Kirsty (Allsopp) made wreaths” I thought, washing bird poo off the umpteenth piece of holly.

16. Discovered this gem of a magazine – Things and Ink, gorgeous type and layouts throughout and some great thought provoking content on tattoo culture. A fabulous read.

17. I got roller skates for Christmas – I haven’t had skates for Christmas since I was 13! Immediately skated up and down hall in an awkward Bambi fashion to celebrate. Also signed up for the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Fresh Meat waiting list (eek!).

18. Rediscovered Boggle – completely more-ish and has the power to make you feel rather clever (bit like wine, really) I implore you to buy one.

So that was my December; in three words crafty, creative and indulgent. Here’s the rest of my life in Instagram, feel free to add me.

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Christmas Market at the Roamin’ Nose

Myself and my friend Rachel Patrick held a wee stall at the Roamin’ Nose’s Christmas Market last week. It was a fab event and great fun to chat to other crafty creatives such as Kapunk, By Mi and Bleather it was also awesome to finally meet in the flesh the lovely Zoe from Conversation Pieces who bought some of my Typetastic Tags, which you can buy here along with my ‘Ink’ print which is now for sale.

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The Roamin’ Nose was a fabulous venue, with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. We had Honey Bread Toast with Pecorino and Pears, which was divine followed by fabulous thin cut chips, which are somewhere between crisps and chips. I also sampled the heavenly Seasonal Tart with Winter Salad. We also had a good stab at working our way through the wine list, all of which were lush and ended the evening with marshmallows from The Marshmallow Lady (which I have been raving about to anyone who’ll listen – nothing like shop bought ones). Yum, I’ll definitely be going back.