The Lies We Tell Ourselves…

Have you seen this? Fantastic project from New York based Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Lauren Hom – check out her work, I have severe portfolio envy.

I love these prints, and how they blatantly and beautifully showcase the fibs we tell ourselves, and what better way to face up to our little white lies than to have them hand lettered, screenprinted and on display for all to see? It’s almost like being honest with ourselves…

My favourite is the first one, I say that ALL the time.

Lauren Hom - Daily Dishonesty


‘Tattoos Don’t Hurt’ by Virgilio Tzaj


‘I Just Got Your Text’ by Emma Hopkins

Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-8 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-9 Daily-Dishonesty-Guest-3

‘Just Ten More Minutes’ by Courtney Blair

Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-2 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-3 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-4 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-5 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-6 Lauren-hom-daily-dishonesty-7

All artwork by Lauren Hom, unless otherwise credited.
See more Daily Dishonesty here. You can even submit your own lies. And you can buy beautiful Daily Dishonesty here. Thanks for letting me feature your work Lauren!

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun Private View

In which we went to London to see the exhibition I was part of. Here are some pics of the night.

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun LOLcat-Exhibition2

The piece I worked (above, far right) on with Kirsty Logan – Sestina For My Lolling Cat, a poem about her cat Tig and how he’s more loll about than LOL and featuring my little Mia cat in the illustration (who also loved a good loll about).LOLcat-Exhibition3 LOLcat-Exhibition4 LOLcat-Exhibition5

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun


Everybody loves a LOLcat right? I’m delighted to be part of LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun a fabulous exhibition celebrating the world of internet LOLcats. I’ll be jointly exhibiting with Glasgow based writer Kirsty Logan, whose poem Sestina to my Lolling Cat I have typeset and illustrated.

The illustration features my gorgeous little cat Mia, who sadly passed away in July. Mia loved lolling about my desk, walking on my keyboard and encouraging my procrastinative tendencies with lots of hugs, posing for instagram shots and insisting I hang out in the garden with her. Here’s a sneak preview, see if you can spot mine…

LOLcat:Teh Exhibishun

Image pinched from LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun blog

The exhibition, curated by Jenny Theolin of Soapbox and Sons, opens on Tuesday 23 January 2013. The prints will be available to buy framed and unframed; a fantastic 50% of the proceeds will be going to Battersea Cat and Dog Home, so it’s LOLcats helping actual cats (and dogs), which makes me happy as I am a crazy cat lady after all.

The exhibition has picked up some pretty awesome press coverage appearing in Huffington PostThe IndependentCreative ReviewWired, Computer ArtsWe Heart, The Fluffington Post, Design TaxiDigital Arts, Its Rude to StareDesign You Trust and Design Week

LOLcat: Teh Exhibishun (how cool is this site?!) opens on 23 January and runs until 15 February 2013 at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT  

Needless to say, I have a suitably cat themed outfit for the private view. Miaow…