I have a print for sale, did I say? No? Well here it is and you can buy one here. It’s a lyric from Joni Mitchell’s song Blue, that just begged to be depicted in a typographical tattoo style. Plus I love an excuse to play around with type and customise letters…

Ink Print by Mandy Fleetwood

I’ve been obsessing about tattoos ever since attending the Scottish Tattoo Convention in April 2012. Actually it’s also probably due to following lots of cool tattooed folks on instagram teamed with my other growing obsession; roller derby (more on that later) which has a fair few fabulously inked ladies, who look incredible. Also I have a couple of tattoo shockers about my person from when I was an impressionable 18 year old which I always hide. I have been planning a cover up for both of these for quite a while now and I really need to bite the bullet and just go for it. In a way, it’s quite liberating having two horrible tattoos, as it’s carte blanche to go for something big and bold (cover ups generally have to be at least three or four times the size of the old tattoo, I’m told) which I would maybe be nervous about. And lets face it, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it and have something that’s visible at five feet.

So if anyone has any good tattoo inspiration sites, cover up stories/advice or a can recommend an awesome tattooist in the Edinburgh area, drop me an email or leave a comment – thanks! x

Christmas Market at the Roamin’ Nose

Myself and my friend Rachel Patrick held a wee stall at the Roamin’ Nose’s Christmas Market last week. It was a fab event and great fun to chat to other crafty creatives such as Kapunk, By Mi and Bleather it was also awesome to finally meet in the flesh the lovely Zoe from Conversation Pieces who bought some of my Typetastic Tags, which you can buy here along with my ‘Ink’ print which is now for sale.

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The Roamin’ Nose was a fabulous venue, with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. We had Honey Bread Toast with Pecorino and Pears, which was divine followed by fabulous thin cut chips, which are somewhere between crisps and chips. I also sampled the heavenly Seasonal Tart with Winter Salad. We also had a good stab at working our way through the wine list, all of which were lush and ended the evening with marshmallows from The Marshmallow Lady (which I have been raving about to anyone who’ll listen – nothing like shop bought ones). Yum, I’ll definitely be going back.

Great Expectations

I do love a good costume drama, this one had particularly excellent opening titles. I loved the butterfly dust particles on the ageing lace and the decay of something beautiful, like Miss Havisham. To work on a project like this has definitely been added to my dream project list.

“We follow the birth and death of a butterfly. In beautifully textural 3D, the creature bursts out of the cocoon, unfurling its fragile self into a dark world. As the sequence progresses we see intricate filigree tattooed onto the wings, growing like creeping ivy.

Eventually the tattoos start to envelop the entire wingspan, patterns over patterns until the creature is blacked out to an eerie silhouette of itself.

The sequence parallels the lead character’s evolution – Pip’s fascination with Miss Haversham’s otherness and wealth before his realisation that all is not as it seems.”

By Momoco