Helen Askew

More lovely work, this time from the lovely Helen Askew, a cracking lass, I met in a dark wee bar one evening, with a very cool magpie tattoo and awesome illustration skills.

Black Books by Helen Askew

Black Books (one of my favourite TV shows ever)

Inky by Helen Askew


Panda Candy by Helen Askew

Panda Candy

Bear Hug by Helen Askew

Bear Hug

Robin by Helen Askew


Panda Bones by Helen Askew

Panda Bones

Seahorse by Helen Askew


Skullduggery by Helen Askew


Sea by Helen Askew


Punk by Helen Askew


Octopus by Helen Askew


Helen Askew is an illustrator/artworker living and working in the North of England.Her main objective is to create fun and quirky images that will make you laugh or think (or both). Her favourite subjects include marine life, dragons and all things kitsch. Helen graduated with an honours degree in Graphic Design from Northumbria University in 2010; since then she has worked on a variety of projects with collectives such as Anon Poetry, One Night Stanzas, This Collection and many more. These projects have ranged from co-illustrating a pamphlet of ‘found poetry’ to painting a 12ft mural of Edinburgh. In the near future Helen hopes to work on a wide range of projects, both image led and film based.

You can find more of her work at www.littlebitaskew.blogspot.co.uk and www.youtube.com/thenevereverboy


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